Clean Room

A new chemical introduced into the manufacturing process was creating odor issues for the employees working in clean rooms and adjoining spaces that shared the same air handling system. 

We Work

WeWork converts existing spaces into modern, beautiful, shared office spaces. With increasing occupancy and expansion, WeWork wanted to ensure excellent indoor air quality.

Amalie Arena

The Amalie Arena, formerly known as the Tampa Bay Times Forum, underwent renovations in 2015. The renovation meant upgrades that would cost millions of dollars.

NAV CAN - Alberta Airport

The NAV Canada Area Control Center at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) was having major Indoor Air Quality issues and subsequent complaints due to the odors caused by an array of reasons.

Boston Children's Hospital

The hospital staff and patients had been complaining about the odors that the existing UV light system was unable to control. The facilities management team was also looking for a solution to keep the entire depth of the coils clean and free of biofilm.

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